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I am writing this book because there is no other expert and comprehensive content on the topic of dementia and dining available to help care partners of People Living with Dementia.

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Five Surefire Tips to Boost Communications During Dementia

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About me

Toni Fisk is an Air Force Brat who grew up outside of Atlanta, Georgia, sowed her wild oats in Orlando, Florida during the 80’s and moved to Long Island, New York in the 90’s where she met her husband and started her family. Toni has worked in the dining industry her entire career, beginning in hotels as a Server to Restaurant Manager, and later transitioning to the world of Healthcare and the Senior Living sector in various roles ranging from Executive Chef to Operations Vice President.

Working with our Elders in skilled nursing communities gave her the raw and unfiltered experience of dementia and how it was being managed. Every community is different, but there is always the opportunity to raise the bar on care; this is what prompted Toni to get her numerous certifications for dementia education and training. This knowledge and insight combined with her years of being a dining subject matter expert is exactly what is needed to open the eyes and minds of Care Partners.


Toni’s credentials include: Positive Approach to Care® Certified Independent Trainer, Second Wind Dreams Virtual Dementia Tour® Trainer, ICCDP Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional, NCDDP Certified Dementia Practitioner, ANFP Certified Dietary Manager, Certified Food Protection Professional, and NRA ServSafe® Registered Trainer and Exam Proctor.

Toni continues to pursue the mission of improving the quality of life for all our folks dealing with brain change and those who care for them. She creates fidget quilts and dining scarves to add to the socialization and daily care needs of our Elders. Toni has been published in several professional magazines and anticipates more books in the future on topics related to the every-persons journey of caring for our People Living with Dementia.