Critical tools to OPEN & SUSTAIN operational success.

Training gives you the skills to succeed

Get your operation up to speed with...

Kitchen Equipment, Food & Physical Safety Training

Lesson plans to support the dining operations for 12 months of training. Includes training calendar, lesson plans and quizzes.

Dining Room Service Training

A 5-day comprehensive dining room service training program for all levels of care and service: IL, AL, Healthcare. Includes train-the-trainer guide, participant guide, tests & certificates.

ServSafeĀ® Instructor and Proctor

Customizable 45-day online Food Manager Certification training program for food service establishments are designed to meet operational needs.

Provided are: weekly information and training contact with students, two interactive webinars, a weekly activity summary updates to client liaison that culminates in an on-site 4 hour review session and the exam.

92% pass rate for students, majority are frontline hourly staff.

A "fresh eyes" review can help you understand what you need to adjust to successfully operate in the new COVID-19 environment.

Operational review and audit includes utilization of current vendor QA tools, use of local DOH regulatory audit checklist and upon request, a clinical audit by a RD can be performed also.

HACCP review in the kitchen and dining areas are evaluated, including recipe compliance, allergen preparedness and production documentation.

Financial analysis of food use and spend can also take place upon request.